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The American History Guild’s purpose is simple – to tell America’s Magnificent story.

The Almanack, our online journal, was launched to aid in that purpose and like history itself, is wonderfully timeless. Peering into the past reveals to us that though time and technology change, human nature never does. A heartbreak feels the same whether on the rugged frontiers of yesteryear or in a posh Manhattan skyscraper today. A triumph of the spirit is equally so. As is disappointment and joy.

Our human emotions transcend time and thus, although the stories we tell are gleaned from the past, they remain relevant in the present and future. The stories are best enjoyed in any order you wish – just choose one and embark on the journey!

Almanack Archives

Vol. 1 / Issue 1 / Nov 2016

Read our very first issue, featuring a cover story Hedy Lamarr, an article giving some historical perspective to The Electoral College, and story of a 110-year old veteran, and many more. 

Vol. 1 / Issue 2 / Dec 2016

We finished off 2016 with a cover story about the Wright brothers, a fresh look at The Bill of Rights, a white house tradition you probably aren’t aware of, the legacy of Eiffel and more.

Vol. 2 / Issue 1 / Spring 2017

Our first quarterly issue features a story about Jimmy Stewart, focusing on the part of his life you probably don’t know about. Since march madness is just around the corner, we also take a look at John Wooden, the legendary coach.  

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